Following Jesus and bringing others with us.

Roman & Sarah have been serving God and the Church together since before they married in 2010. They both grew up in Camilla, GA where they met and began serving together as youth leaders and then worship leaders at their home church. Roman was a forensic scientist before joining the Chi Alpha staff at Columbus State University where he served for 3 years. Roman now serves as an associate pastor at Fountain City Church in midtown Columbus. Sarah runs her own bookkeeping business and also works with Chi Alpha as an admin and events coordinator.

And they have two amazing kids, Jackson and Elizabeth, who are along for the ride!


The Church is not just what happens in brick and mortar buildings on a Sunday. We believe that our culture longs for connection and community and relationship as the cementing reality of who the Church is. Transformation doesn't happen in one hour services. We can experience the power of God in worship and sermons, but there is no substitute for cultivating a life around obedience to God and practicing the way of Jesus in community together over time. Those realizations have led us to this convictional blueprint about Fountain City Church:

1) We are first and foremost communities of Acts 2:42 people that come together weekly to eat and tell stories, to study the Scriptures and listen to the Spirit together, and to share our lives with each other as we pursue Jesus. Our weekly communities that meet in homes are the core identity of who and what our church is--families of missionary disciples. Family is no longer a given in our culture, so Fountain City Church will practice family as a center point of who we are.

2) We are a collective of communities who worship together and use our resources to participate in what God is doing in our city and the world as we partner with the Spirit in submission to the authoritative Word of God, Jesus Christ. We lean into creativity, justice, and developing Gospel-people to go as the Spirit leads, to live and love Jesus among the lost and unreached.